As part of the merger project, we want your thoughts on what the name of the new college could be, if we decide to merge.

We want your ideas, but we also want your feedback on some options we’ve developed with brand agency Stand, which are based on comments we received during our initial consultation and discussions we’ve had with our senior managers, staff and our boards of management.

It’s important we get this right. We need a name that aligns with our aims, specifically:

  • A name that connects all three colleges
  • A name that is simple, bold, and aspirational
  • A name that retains a strong link to our place/geographic location
  • An identity which complements the external marketing effort and aligns with the UHI brand.
  • An identity which celebrates the Gaelic and English speaking heritage and tradition.

Watch our two-minute video, below:



We will share your feedback with our boards of management and partnership board for consideration in November.

Importantly, name and logo are only a small part of what defines us. We’ll be undertaking more work in the coming months to identify what makes us different, to develop our key messaging and a plan which defines and emphasises our brand identity. 


Please note, this page is currently unavailable in Gaelic. We're working to get this updated.